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  ead the following text and fill each of the numbered spaces with ONE suitable word.

  Write your answers on ANSWER SHEET 1.

  The most obvious purpose of advertising is to inform the consumer of available products or services.The second (31)___is to sell the product.The second purpose might be more important to the manufacturers than the (32) ___.The manufacturers go beyond only telling consumers about their products.They also try to persuade customers to buy the(33) ___by creating a desire(34) ___it.Because of advertisement,consumers think that they want something that they do not need.After buying somethin9,the purchaser cannot always explain why it was(35) ___.

  Even(36) ___—the purchaser probably does not know why he or she bought something,the manufacturers (37) ___.Manufacturers have analyzed the business of(38) ___and buyin9.They know all the different motives that influence a consumer’s purchase--some rational and(39) ___emotional.Furthermore,they take advantage of this(40) ___.

  Why(41) ___so many products displayed at the checkout counters in grocery stores? The store management has some good(42) ___.By the time the customer is(43) ___to pay for a purchase,he or she has already made rational,thought—out decisions(44) ___what he or she needs and wants to buy.The(45) ___feels that he or she has done a good job of choosing the items.The shopper is especially vulnerable at this point.The(46) ___of candy,chewing gum,and magazines are very attractive.They persuade the purchaser to buy something for emotional,not(47) ___motives.For example,the customer neither needs nor plans to buy candy.but while the customer is standing,waiting to pay money,he or she may suddenly decide to buy(48) ___.This is exactly(49) ___the store and the manufacturer hope that the customer will(50) ___.The customer follows his or her plan.


  31.purpose 【解析】从文中的第一句话“The most obvious purpose...”可以看出后面还有别的目的,而不是仅仅有最明显的目的。故答案为purpose。

  32.first 【解析】根据题意,作者想在这里做一个比较,而比较的对象是目的。这里作者仅仅给出了两个目的,所以这里是和第一个目的进行比较。故答案为first。

  33.production【解析】从前一句话“The manufacturers go beyond only telling consumers about their products.”可以看出,一方面广告要介绍自己的产品,而第二个目的就是卖掉自己的产品。所以这里作者想要表达的意思是“广告要使得顾客有一种购买的欲望去购买自己的产品。”故答案为production。

  34.for 【解析】解析见上题。desire后面用介词for。故答案为for,表示“…的欲望”。

  35.bought 【解析】本句的前一句话说“顾客认为他们需要一些他们其实不需要的商品。”这就是广告的作用。但是买完之后,“他们却不知道当时为什么买了这种商品。”这里是被动的句式。故答案为bought。

  36.though 【解析】本句话的意思是“尽管知道顾客们可能不知道自己为什么买了这些商品,但是卖家却知道怎么去做。”故答案为though。【解析】解析见上题,为了避免与前面的know重复,这里可以换做do。故答案为do。

  38.selling 【解析】关键是看and后面的buying。本句话的意思是“商家分析市场的供需情况。”故答案为selling。

  39.some 【解析】关键是注意and前后一致。“some rational and...emotional”,前面说促使顾客购买的动机有很多,有的是理性的,有的却是冲动。所以这里应该是some。故答案为some。


  41.are 【解析】分析句子结构,这里缺少系动词be来构成动词的被动形式。故答案为ale。

  42.reasons 【解析】本段的第一句话提出问题,问为什么在结算处摆设了那么多的商品。很明显,后面的文章对这个问题进行回答,并列举了原因。故答案为reasons。

  43.ready 【解析】顾客来到结算处,说明他们准备好了要付账。be ready to的意思是“准备好了做某事”。故答案为ready。

  44.on 【解析】“…的决定”英语表达为“decision on sth.”这里介词需要用on。故答案为on。

  45.customer 【解析】从这个句子的宾语“…that he or she has done a good job of choosing the items.”可以看出,这里说的是顾客的行为,他们认为自己买这些商品是很理性的。故答案为customer。

  46.display 【解析】这里要回应本段第一句话中的“displayed”。在出口结算处展示的这些小商品无疑是一种诱惑。这里需要用名词形式。故答案为display。

  47.rational 【解析】从文章的后面可以知道,顾客们已经要结算了,认为都买了该买的商品。但是售货员在他们等着付账的过程中巧妙的利用顾客们的购物冲动向他们推销,而不是理性购物。故答案为rational。

  48.some 【解析】这里需要填写的是商品的名称,就是说摆在出口结算处的那些小商品。泛指时用some。故答案为some。

  49.what 【解析】这句话的意思是“这就是商家和卖者希望顾客们做的事情”,what引导的是一个表语从句,故答案为what。 【解析】分析见上题。故答案为do。





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