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  Three attitudes to life

  __1__. You may approach life with the philosophy of the vegetable, in which case your life will consist in being born, eating, drinking, sleeping mating, growing old, and dying.

  __2__. A great many so-called successful men and women believe that life is a business, and they arrange their conduct and behavior accordingly. If you believe that life is a business your first question of life, naturally, is “what do I get out of it?” __3__.

  The great majority of human beings today look at life as if it were a business.__4__.

  The third attitude toward life is the approach of the artist. Here the basic philosophy is “what can I put into it? ”, and the basic relation of the individual to his follow-men is one of cooperation and common sense.__5__. The more we investigate and the more we learn about living the more we become convinced that the artistic attitude is the only one which is consistent with human happiness.

  A. In a word based on this attitude, happiness becomes a matter of successful competition.

  B. As a human being you have the choice of three basic attitudes towards life.

  C. Their basic philosophy is one of competition and efficiency.

  D. The second basic attitude is to look at life as if it were a business.

  E. This point of view has been proved by history; for history remembers best those who have contributed most richly to the interests of their follow-men.

  F. Is a proper attitude of life sure to bring about a happy life?

 答案 1B 2D 3A 4C 5E






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