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  Staff appraisals

  Good preparation for staff appraisals can pay dividends in terms of staff loyalty and satisfaction.Many managers, particularly those running smaller companies, feel they are too busy to give their employees appraisals, and many staff clearly dread them. (0) ........... They provide the opportunity for the manager to have one-to-one discussions with an employee and find out about any concerns, as well as identifying training needs and discovering career aspirations. They can make a staff member feel valued and so build loyalty.

  The annual appraisal can either be a rewarding or painful experience. According to research carried out among 500 employees, the standard office appraisal is far from perfect.(8).............The possible outcome for the company is even worse; up to a quarter of employees will look for a new job within two weeks of a bad appraisal and 40% within a month.

  The quality of the appraisal lies with how the boss decides to carry it out. When it is done well, employees are able to use the feedback they receive to improve their performance. (9).............So how should a constructive appraisal be carried out? According to Andrew Gillingham, a consultant trainer, appraisals can be manager-led, with the appraiser preparing a document and sharing it with the employee. Establishing training needs and motivating the employee towards bigger and better things are part of this process. (10) ............. In both cases, Gillingham believes that the effectiveness of the appraisal discussion can determine the performance of the company.

  Gillingham believes that anyone who thinks it's just the employee who doesn't like the appraisal experience has got it wrong. Too many managers regard appraisals as a waste of time.(11) ..............................Managing people is a difficult matter, and without the necessary training, many managers try to avoid the uncomfortable issues that often need to be discussed at appraisals.

  Gillingham believes that calling the process an appraisal may be unhelpful.(12) ..........................In either case, it is important to ensure that the meeting is successful and results in better quality management. Gillingham firmly believes that the main thing is to emphasise an open communications ethos in the workplace that gives staff a chance to talk about issues and feel valued.

  A Alternatively, managers may want the employees themselves to evaluate their work performance.

  B In larger companies, the people likeiy to do something with this information will be found in the HR department.

  C. Problems such as rushing through the appraisal and being appraised by a manager who doesn't understand the employee's role were common concerns.

  D Arguably, 'performance review' is more appropriate since it helps create correct expectations from the meeting and indicates what will happen.

  E This is mainly because they have not been shown how to carry out appraisals properly.

  F But all too often, the format of the appraisal doesn't allow this.

  G But this can be avoided and, given a more positive attitude from participants, appraisals can prove enormously useful for all involved.

  《Staff appraisals》,员工评估。很多公司的员工和经理都害怕评估,但是好的评估可以增进员工的忠诚度和满意感,给公司带来益处。

  第八题,前面说年度评估可能是个有用的或者是痛苦的经历。但是根据调查,标准的年度评估效果却不尽如人意。那么正常来讲,后面应该接着说评估不好(far from perfect)的原因或者是表现。C选项讲的是表现(problems),E选项虽然有because,但是不是讲的评估不好的原因。选C,正好和后面也对的上。出了问题,才使得后果更加严重(the possible outcome is even worse)。


  第十题,接着上面讲评估的具体方法。空格的前面讲评估都是manager-led,并且介绍了一些过程。空格后面有in both cases,可以看出空格这里应该填入评估的另一种方法,和manager-led对应的。选项A最符合条件:经理们可能想要员工们自己评价自己的工作表现。alternatively这个连词是个暗示。

  第十一题,前面说很多经理视评估为浪费时间。后面说如果没有必要的训练,很多经理都会回避那些需要在评估上讨论的让人不舒服的话题。E选项可以对应于上下文:那主要是因为他们并没有被演示怎么正确的进行评估。因为没有接受训练才不理解,才会认为是浪费时间。have not been shown也就是without the necessary training。

  第十二题,这一空是最明显的。叫评估不合适,那就换个名字吧,选D,叫“performance review”。

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