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  Remarks at a UN Security Council on Imposing New Sanctions on North Korea

  Thank you, Mr. President.

  Before I begin, I want to take a moment to honor some very important people. As we gather together in the Security Council, many around the world are preparing to gather with their families to celebrate a season of peace and generosity. Amid this celebration, we remember the men and women of our military who are away from their families, fulfilling their solemn vow to defend our nation and its allies against those who would harm us. My prayer this Christmas is that our words and deeds today contribute to our shared cause of peace and that they honor those who keep us safe.

  And with that, I would like to specifically thank my Chinese colleagues for working with us on the negotiations. I want to thank all other members of the Council who really quickly moved to make action and allow this to come forward.

  Today, for the tenth time, this Council stands united against a North Korean regime that rejects the pursuit of peace. The Kim regime continues to defy the resolutions of this Council, the norms of civilized behavior, and the patience of the international community. Their arrogance and hostility to anything productive has set their country on a destructive path.

  Nine times before today, we have asked the North Korean regime to choose the path of peace. And if they do, we would welcome them back into the community of nations. But Pyongyang has chosen the path of isolation.

  As we have in the past, we will continue to match the Kim regime’s choice of aggressive actions with actions of international sanction. I commend the members of the Security Council for their unity and persistence in this sustained international defense of peace and security.

  On November 29, Pyongyang launched an intercontinental ballistic missile. This was another attempt by the Kim regime to masquerade as a great power, while their people starve and their soldiers defect. But for the international community, this is an unprecedented challenge from a defiant state. So we have leveled an unprecedented response.

  This resolution ratchets up the pressure on North Korea even further, building on our last resolution, which included the strongest sanctions ever imposed on them. Those sanctions fully banned textile exports from North Korea. They banned all joint ventures and all new work permits for overseas North Korean laborers. And, critical to the regime’s ability to develop its nuclear and missile programs, the previous resolution cut off 55 percent of refined petroleum products going to North Korea.

  Today, we cut deeper.

  After North Korea’s September nuclear test, this Council capped refined petroleum exports into North Korea. Today’s resolution achieves an 89 percent total reduction of the Kim regime’s ability to import gasoline, diesel, and other refined products. And should the North Korean regime conduct another nuclear or ballistic missile test, this resolution commits the Security Council to take even further action. It sends the unambiguous message to Pyongyang that further defiance will invite further punishment and isolation.

  The September resolution banned all new permits for North Koreans who work abroad and send the majority of their earnings to Pyongyang. This is a source of over $500 million each year to the Kim regime. Today’s resolution goes further – it requires that countries expel all North Korean workers within 24 months.

  Previous resolutions banned 90 percent of North Korea’s exports. This resolution bans all remaining categories of major North Korean exports – a loss of nearly $250 million in revenue to the regime.

  Previous resolutions cracked down on smuggling of banned items like oil and coal. But sanctions evasion has continued. So this resolution closes the loopholes in the system and requires countries to seize and impound ships caught smuggling illicit goods.

  The list goes on.

  The unity this Council has shown in leveling these unprecedented sanctions is a reflection of the international outrage at the Kim regime’s actions. But we’re not the only ones who are appalled by the North Korean regime. We’re not the only ones sacrificing for a solution – not even close.

  At our last meeting on North Korea, I called on all nations to sever diplomatic and trade relations with North Korea. I reiterate that call today. For any nation that continues to support the Kim regime, I ask you to consider the nature of this regime. Consider this crisis through the eyes of the North Korean people.

  Imagine being a North Korean soldier, so desperate and so ravaged by hunger and disease that you would take five bullets from your fellow soldiers in order to escape across the DMZ. Imagine being a 12-year-old in North Korea and being forced to attend public executions as a reminder of what would happen if you step out of line. Imagine being a mother, so desperate for a better life for your child that you would risk rape, torture, and imprisonment if you were caught trying to leave the country. And then imagine getting caught, being forced to abort your baby without anesthesia, and then trying again and again to escape. These are real stories of real people. These things happened. They should motivate us to do more.

  I’m grateful to my colleagues for the serious measures we have enacted on behalf of the North Korean people. And I ask you keep them in your thoughts and prayers this holiday season as we continue to fight against this, the most tragic example of evil in the modern world.

  Thank you.


  在我开始之前,我想花一些时间来尊重一些非常重要的人。 当我们齐聚安理会时,全世界许多人正准备与家人聚会庆祝一个和平与慷慨的季节。 在这次庆祝活动中,我们记得我们的军队中远离家人的男男女女,履行他们的庄严誓言,捍卫我们的国家和盟国,反对那些伤害我们的人。 今年圣诞节我的祷告是,我们今天的言行有助于我们共同的和平事业,并且尊重那些保守我们安全的人。

  就此,我要特别感谢我的中国同事在谈判中与我们一起工作。 我要感谢真正迅速采取行动的安理会所有其他成员,并允许这一点挺身而出。

  今天,本会第十次同拒绝追求和平的北韩政权联合起来。 金正日政权继续藐视安理会的决议,文明的行为准则和国际社会的耐心。 他们对任何事物的傲慢和敌意使他们的国家处于一个破坏性的道路上。

  在今天之前九次,我们要求朝鲜政权选择和平的道路。 如果他们这样做,我们会欢迎他们回到国际社会。 但是平壤选择了孤立的道路。

  正如我们过去一样,我们将继续将金正日政权选择的侵略行为与国际制裁的行动相匹配。 我赞扬安全理事会成员团结和坚持维护和平与安全的持续国际捍卫。

  平壤于11月29日发射了一枚洲际弹道导弹。 这是金正日政权伪装成大国的又一次尝试,他们的人民挨饿,士兵缺席。 但对国际社会而言,这是一个来自挑衅国家的前所未有的挑战。 所以我们已经做出了前所未有的回应。

  这一决议进一步加强了对朝鲜的压力,这是基于我们最后的决议,其中包括对朝鲜实行的最强硬的制裁。 这些制裁完全禁止朝鲜纺织品出口。 他们禁止所有合资企业和所有在海外的北韩劳工的新工作许可证。 对于该国政府发展核能和导弹计划的能力至关重要,此前的决议裁减了去往北韩的精炼石油产品的55%。


  北韩9月份的核试验结束后,本局将精炼石油出口限制在北韩。 今天的决议使金政权进口汽油,柴油和其他精炼产品的能力总计减少了89%。 如果朝鲜政权进行另一次核试验或弹道导弹试射,这个决议使安理会进一步采取行动。 它向平壤发出毫不含糊的信息:进一步的挑衅将导致进一步的惩罚和孤立。

  9月份的决议禁止所有在国外工作的朝鲜人获得新的许可证,并把大部分收入交给平壤。 这是金政权每年超过5亿美元的来源。 今天的决议更进一步 - 要求国家在24个月内驱逐所有北韩工人。

  以前的决议禁止90%的北韩出口。 这一决议禁止所有其他类别的主要朝鲜出口 - 这个政权的收入损失近2.5亿美元。

  此前的决议打击了石油和煤炭等违禁物品的走私活动。 但是,制裁逃税行为仍在继续。 因此,这一决议弥补了制度上的漏洞,要求各国抓住和缉获被查获的走私非法货物的船舶。


  安理会在实现这些前所未有的制裁方面表现出的团结,反映了金正日政权的国际愤慨。 但是,我们并不是唯一对北韩政权感到震惊的人。 我们并不是唯一一个为解决方案牺牲的人 - 甚至没有接近。

  在上次朝鲜会议上,我呼吁各国切断与朝鲜的外交和贸易关系。 我今天重申这个呼吁。 对于任何继续支持金政权的国家,我请你考虑这个政权的性质。 通过朝鲜人民的眼睛来看待这场危机。

  想象一下,作为一名北韩士兵,如此绝望,饱受饥饿和疾病的折磨,你将会从同胞手中拿下五颗子弹,以穿越非军事区。 想象一下,在北韩是一个12岁的孩子,被迫参加公开处决是为了提醒你如果不合格,会发生什么情况。 想象一下,作为一个母亲,为了让你的孩子过上更好的生活而绝望,如果你被迫离开这个国家,你将会面临强奸,酷刑和监禁的危险。 然后想象一下被抓住,被迫放弃婴儿而不麻醉,然后一次又一次地逃跑。 这些是真实的人的真实故事。 这些事情发生了。 他们应该激励我们做更多。

  我感谢我的同事代表朝鲜人民采取的严肃措施。 我要求你们在这个节日期间保持你们的思想和祈祷,因为我们继续与这个现代世界中最悲惨的邪恶榜样作斗争。


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