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  Remarks by H.E. Ambassador Liu Xiaoming at the Launch of the Cambridge

  Peking University China Centre


  Peking University, 15 April 2016


  Sir Leszek,Chairman Zhu Shanlu,President Lin Jianhua,Dear teachers and

  students,Ladies and Gentlemen,


  It is a great pleasure to join you for the launch of the Cambridge Peking

  University China Centre. Although I am on home leave and consultations, today’s

  event is the one that I would not want to miss. This is not least because of the

  invitation from Chairman Zhu Shanlu, an old friend of over twenty years. I also

  greatly value the meaning and importance of the event itself.


  Peking University, or PKU, has a long history of association with Cambridge

  University.The China Centre is the latest outcome of cooperation between

  Cambridge and the PKU. But it is also a new highlight of educational and

  cultural exchange between China and the UK. Therefore, I would like to extend my

  warmest congratulations on the launch of the Centre.China study has been

  advancing fast in recent years. New books on China come out in an endless flow.

  Fresh ideas and perspectives are made every day. This goes to show the world’s

  rising interest in China. It is a measure of deepening understanding of China

  around the world.However, it is undeniable that the study of China has not kept

  pace with the development of China during the past three decades. Western

  understanding of China as a result has many limitations. Misinterpretations and

  misunderstandings still exist. In particular, there are waves of pessimistic

  predictions on China’s development that are divorced from the reality.


  A Chinese sage once said, “Imitation won’t put one in the lead. Originality

  does.”Given the increasing rise of China there is an urgent need for an

  objective, comprehensive and original approach about studying China. There are

  profoundly critical questions and analysis that are important for all of the

  world to study and understand. For example:


  · How did China emerge as the world’s second largest economy in a matter of

  three decades?


  · What can this country of 1.3 billion share with other developing nations

  in terms of development experience and concepts?


  · How to obtain an objective understanding of the advantages and

  effectiveness of the Chinese system and contrast that model with the Western



  · What opportunities will China’s development bring to the world?


  · What impact will China’s peaceful rise have on the international



  The answers to these questions call for joint study and exploration both in

  China and the rest of the world. PKU and Cambridge, the two world-class

  universities of the highest academic traditions, have a key role to play in this

  endeavour.PKU has been regarded as the top Chinese university ever since its

  founding more than a century ago. Today, PKU boasts flourishing academic

  achievements and a growing number of fine graduates. Among other things, it is a

  leading institution in China in the study of Europe and Britain.I have visited

  PKU more often than any other Chinese university. Back in 2010, I was with Prime

  Minister David Cameron when he visited PKU. Just a few weeks ago I was here

  discussing with the PKU Academy of Opera about its cooperation with Britain. And

  today, I am back once again.


  Cambridge is one of the most prestigious universities both in the UK and

  worldwide. The study of China at Cambridge is symbolised by the truly

  exceptional sinology scholar, Dr. Joseph Needham. His influence has inspired

  many other distinguished academics both in Cambridge and around the world. I

  have visited Cambridge more times than any other British universities. In turn,

  I have met with Sir Leszek more than any other Vice Chancellors of British

  universities. Just not long ago, we were sitting together for a discussion on

  the cooperation between Cambridge and PKU.


  Therefore, the founding of the China Centre, a joint venture of two

  prestigious universities, is a timely and most valuable initiative. By joining

  hands in strength, I believe, the China Centre will be a fresh momentum to boost

  the study of China in both countries and beyond.


  A university is a place where ideas interact and young minds get tempered.

  In his visit to PKU, President Xi Jinping encouraged the students here to learn

  widely and study hard. He advised them to build integrity and uprightness, and

  to commit themselves to serving the country and the people.


  It is my sincere hope that all of you, the young students of PKU, will

  apply your learning across cultures and gain a thorough understanding. The

  outcomes will have a powerful influence on your lives:· You will have both the

  Chinese perspective and a global vision.· You will be able to seize the

  opportunity of China’s development and the prevailing trend in the world.· And

  you will find ways to make innovations and truly contribute to the development

  of the country.


  It is also my hope that the Cambridge Peking University China Centre will

  become a powerhouse, which pulls together the strengths in China studies of both

  our countries and from the rest of the world. As scholars your unique role, I

  believe, will help produce more innovative, first-class research and more

  prominent professionals in this field.I look to your active contribution to

  promoting academic and cultural exchanges between China and the UK, and

  deepening mutual learning between China and the West.


  Thank you.



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