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  Sweet smell of excess-for just £ 47.874 a bottle

  The marketing says it is the “ ultimate symbol of indulgence and truly impeccable taste”. A new scent, named V1, has (0) launched for Christmas-retailing at just £47.874 . The makers are proudly promoting it (31) ,the “ world’s most expensive perfume” and are confident of selling the limited edition of 173 bottles-(32) it should be exactly 173 bottles is not made clear in the publicity for the product.

  Although carefully priced at just under the £50.000 mark, this perfume is clearly (33) something for anyone who considers £30 too much to pay for a bottle of eau-de-toilette. Those (34) are potential customers will certainly be reassured to learn that a case covered in rubies and diamonds is included free (35) charge. Purchasers are assured of further savings, with unlimited scent refills guaranteed indefinitely- at no extra cost.

  The fragrance is the idea of Arfaq Hussain, a 27-year-old clothes designer who first made a name (36) himself with an air-conditioned jacket he was asked to make by the singer Michael Jackson (37) far, Mr Jackson is the only person to (38) placed an order- he wants two, according to Mr Hussain.

  Mr Hussain is unconcerned at having no previous experience of perfumery . “ It’s so (39) more than a perfume ---- it’s a piece of jewellery, too. ” explained Mr Hussain. He attempted to describe the £47.874 sensation . “ it is delicate , fragrant and quite unique. When you open the lid, it takes you totally away . It’s just (40) being surrounded by thousands of wild flowers and roses.


  具体说BEC H里的填词版完型,里面填入的词主要是连词、介词和代词,一般不会让你填入那种需要发挥超级想象力才能想得出的形容词和动词。做题的思路有两种,一种是固定用法、常见表达,一种是从语法角度分析句子结构,来判断句子缺失的成分。


  31题,这题答案很明显。圣诞发布的香水,制作者打算将它开发成“世界上最昂贵的香水”(most expensive perfume),promote….as,将什么给开发成什么。

  32题,要从意思和句子结构上进行分析。前面说发售限量版的173瓶香水,后面一个破折号做进一步的说明。从意思上看,词组made clear很关键,表原因的;而从句子成分上看,这里就是关系代词引导的从句在句子中充当补充成分。而能够表示原因的关系代词,是why。

  33,34,35,这三道题也很明显。33题从意思上做,这个香水肯定是不适合认为30英镑的香水很贵的人,所以是填not,表否定;34题,those who的搭配,应该够的上条件反射的级别,those who are potential customer,那些是潜在客户的人;35题,free of charge,免费,固定搭配。

  36题,这题考察的也是一个固定搭配,make a name for oneself,使…出名。这个香水的创意来自一个服装设计师,而此人最早出名是因为迈天王让他制作了一件空调夹克(air-conditioned jacket)。

  37题,截止目前迈天王是唯一的下了订单的人。So far,截止目前。

  38题,下了订单。have done,表示完成的意思。

  39题,理解句子的意思+固定用法的使用。这个句子的意思很明显:它不仅仅是一瓶香水,它还是一件珠宝。所以空格前后搭配的意思应该是不仅仅。用so much more than。例如:so much more than just a home。

  40题,最后几句话都是夸赞这个香水的。多么的精致独特。而当你打开香水的时候,你整个人都被take away了,就像是被成千上万的野花和玫瑰簇拥着。说香水,却扯到wild flowers和rose上面去了,所以是比喻,用like。

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