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  Section 1 Vocabulary and Grammar (60 points)

  This section consists of 3 parts. Read the directions for each part before answering the questions.

  Part 1 Vocabulary Selection

  In this part, there are 20 incomplete sentences. Below each sentence, there are 4 choices marked by letters A, B, C and D respectively. Choose the word which best completes each sentence. There is only ONE right answer. Blacken the corresponding letter as required on your machine-scoring ANSWER SHEET.

  1. The group of social workers did research on how the ________ of the policy will be affecting urban consumer patterns.

  A. implementation B. property

  C. prophecy D. productivity

  2. If you are younger and you notice things getting a little sparse on your arms, legs or other places, it can ________ your body is aging faster than you think.

  A. expose B. indicate

  C. disclose D. dedicate

  3. The state governments have ________ a number of private companies with some US$3.5 billion of state-bank credit tied up in the rescue.

  A. saturated B. salvaged

  C. sanctioned D. sabotaged

  4. He would frequently come down from the stage, attached to his amplifier with a very long cord, and ________ with the audience whilst still singing.

  A. dub B. mingle

  C. crumble D. propagate

  5. Dozens of cliffs have ________ or collapsed, and the aboriginal rock art has been destroyed as a result of coalmining in the Gardens of Stone wilderness area near Lithgow.

  A. crashed B. crippled

  C. crushed D. crumbled

  6. The retired chairman still has many friendly supporters among the rank and file of the firm, which is probably why the management treats him with a measure of ________ .

  A. defense B. deference

  C. difference D. diffidence

  7. The five ________ nations - Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Iceland - called on the European Union Monday to impose a tighter limit on the intensity of sun bathing.

  A. North B. Nordic

  C. Norman D. Normandy

  8. These qualities, which help to account for the strong "romance" element in the American novel, ________ the uniqueness of that branch of the novelistic tradition that flourished in the US.

  A. embrace B. composed

  C. comprised D. constitute

  9. Marco Polo wrote those stories about China by, quite probably, reading the numerous travel books written by Persians and Arabs who maintained close ties because of their ________ to the Silk Road.

  A. prowess B. prognosis

  C. proximity D. propensity

  10. Any teacher, professor or educator of any kind, certainly should be dedicated to learning as much as they are ________ to teaching.

  A. inclined B. attributed

  C. credited D. committed

  11. Unlike other film-makers who ________ themselves within the city of Hong Kong, the distance in Wong's films allowed him to create a mesmerizing, enigmatic cinematic world.

  A. immersed B. surrounded

  C. obsessed D. encircled

  12. People with sweet childhood memories, ________ fond relationships with parents, tend to have less depression and fewer chronic illness as older adults.

  A. inevitably B. constantly

  C. emphatically D. especially

  13. A loyal dog which has waited on a busy road for more than 80 days after its owner died there has ________ the hearts of online communities.

  A. cultivated B. culminated

  C. captured D. customized

  14. The Hongkong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge can be seen as a unique ________ of wireless technology, highlighting the advanced technology provided by China's communication sector.

  A. prescription B. inclusion

  C. attachment D. application

  15. During an interview, it's normal to worry about all the reasons interviewers may want to ________ you, but it's important to remember that they are also looking for reasons to hire you.

  A. encounter B. eliminate

  C. empower D. eradicate

  16. According to Analects of Confucius, if a man keeps cherishing his old knowledge, so as continually to be ________ new, he may be a teacher of others.

  A. achieving B. appealing

  C. assimilating D. acquiring

  17. Many universities employ a ________ review of applicants that assesses their grades and test scores, extracurricular activities, community service, athletic achievement and so on.

  A. humanistic B. pessimistic

  C. holistic D. fantastic

  18. As China's mobile internet develops, the growing aging population, many of whom lack the ability to distinguish fake news from ________ news, are easily falling prey to rumors.

  A. genuine B. faithful

  C. original D. artificial

  19. Enterprises that develop online games should shoulder their social responsibilities to prevent children from ________ in mobile phones.

  A. devouring B. immersing

  C. diverging D. indulging

  20. After examining test results of 10 million U.S. students attending high school from 2001to 2014, researchers concluded higher temperatures greatly harm classroom ________for both teachers and students.

  A. productivity B. production

  C. reliability D. feasibility


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